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Why we are different?

Vehicle Performance Systems have a wealth of experience across a broad range of automotive disciplines. We understand that you only get a truly complete race car with a fully integrated set of control systems and hardware through engine, chassis and powertrain components. With over 20 years experience in top level motorsport we understand what it takes to produce a competetive, reliable and integrated performance package and how to optimise vehicle systems to provide ultimate performance coupled with cost effectiveness and user friendly functionality, whatever the vehicle.


You name it and we can provide it. Specialising in providing solutions for late model F1 or single seater race cars which require advanced control systems to replicate those used originally, together with current LMP1 sportscars complying to the 2014 energy use regulations, LMP2 sportscars, GT and advanced touring cars and bikes, in fact any form of project can be undertaken from the road to the track. With an experienced staff, you can be sure we will get the job done, and done right. From design and manufacture of electrical wiring to engine and mechanical design and manufacturing capability, engine development and dyno testing, design and compilation of bespoke or off the shelf engine management software, vehicle control, data acquisition and paddle-shift systems, through to the completion and setup of the finished vehicle. We provide all solutions under one roof for an unrivalled total integration package you will find nowhere else. No more need to source a multitude of unconnected systems that then have to be made to work with each other which, at best provides an expensive and only partially working package, we provide a complete and seamless integration of the entire vehicle, with all systems working in harmony, optimised for the particular vehicle and discipline.

As authorised System Integrators for the new MoTeC Build Firmware for the M1 range of management systems we can custom design a control strategy to suit any engine and vehicle configuration from the very basic to beyond F1 complexity.

With the advent of new 'Energy Saving' formula in LMP1 for 2014 this places a huge onus on the control strategies in the engine and vehicle management systems. We are already working on projects for this new set of regulations, and would be happy to speak to anyone requiring assistance in this area for the 2014 season.

We also offer a worldwide on track engineering service for race and rally, four wheels or two and a complete build service for high performance engines, gearboxes or complete vehicles.

In addition we can provide Vehicle Track Engineering, Engine Dyno or Rolling Road Tuning, Engine Management System tutorials, gearshift or data logging systems setup and tuning, or any trackside engineering support. 

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Paddle Shift System for Sequential Transmissions

We are pleased to announce the launch of our completely new Pneumatic Paddle Shift System in conjunction with Crawford Composites LLC. Compatible with most existing engine management systems, or able to work as a stand alone unit, the system comes complete with everything needed for a fully functioning installation. Featuring fully or semi-automatic shifts, que'd downshifting and gear ratio learning as standard, complete with a carbon fibre accumulator available in low or high capacity variants. All of the components have been thoroughly proven on endurance vehicles and are of the highest quality whilst being extremely light weight. Available now for immediate delivery.

Included in the kit are:

Electronic Controller with Carbon Fibre Enclosure - 8 Analog Inputs, 6 Speed Inputs, 2 Differential Analog Inputs, 8Mb logging, CAN Communication

Carbon Fibre Lightweight Valve Block containing Up, Down and Blip Valves, Pressure sensor, High pressure fittings

Carbon Fibre Lightweight Accumulator (1.2-standard or 1.6 litre capacity)

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Pump

Shift Actuator & Rod Ends

Blip Actuator

Gear Position Sensor

Carbon Paddles for Up and Down Shift with integral switches

Complete Wiring Loom

1 day track setup and all software and manuals

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Latest News

As part of our expanding services we are offering a turnkey solution for the popular Dallara GP2 chassis for series such as EuroBoss, Hillclimb and unlimited single seater series. This includes engine and transmission control for a variety of popular engine solutions, please contact us for details of our partner engine packages.

Our system includes fully developed control of the standard GP2 hydraulic gear shift unit, including Fly by Wire hand clutch. It includes connection to the standard wiring and sensor system, steering wheel display and data logging of all chassis and engine parameters, together with connection to your supplied engine harness.

The cost for the update is priced at just £9650 + VAT (where applicable) and includes 1 day of vehicle testing (not including travel or expenses) for setup and training. In addition we are able to supply bespoke engine harnesses to suit your engine if required, starting at £1750 + VAT.

We can also provide solutions for engine packages not already supported, which start at £12950 to include all of the above plus the additional work required for the design, development and coding of the necessary software to support the new engine type. Any subsequent mapping and calibration work required is an additional cost which must be factored in, and is chargeable at our standard daily rate, plus any dyno setup and testing charges.

Race Car Control Systems

As an authorised MoTeC dealer and System Integrators for the new, ultra powerful M1 series management systems (ECU) we use and recommend MoTeC products. We are able to offer the supply of one-off or volume engine management systems, data acquisition, power distribution and all engine and vehicle ancillaries, sensors and actuators to suit any vehicle or budget. Please call or email for details.

Racing Engine Management


Vehicle Performance Systems have supplied integrated electronic solutions on many projects including, 
Rebellion Racing LMP1 Lola Toyota, Lola Judd and Lola Aston Martin. 
Charouz Racing LMP1 Lola-Judd
Ginetta Cars G50 and G55 one make and GT3 and GT4 series cars. 
Various Boss series Historic F1 cars including Arrows A21-Hart-TWR, Benetton B196-Judd, Jordan EJ10-Judd. 
HSC Historic Sports Cars including Robinson Racing Lola B08-10 Judd, Riley MkIIIC-Judd
LMP2 Sportscars for Horag Motorsport, Chamberlain Synergy, Binnie Motorsports
Grand Am Daytona Prototype Crawford DP-03 Chevrolet, Ford and Porsche

Some of our vehicles in action worldwide 

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