Advanced Paddle Shift Systems

Working in conjunction with Crawford Composites LLC we now offer advanced paddle shift systems for any competition vehicle requiring accurate control of a sequential shift system. Our kits will run on any transmission and will interface to any management system through hard-wired analog or advanced high speed (1Mbs) CAN communication inputs with the supplied templates, or even a combination of both to provide fast, reliable and consistent shifting. It will even work completely stand-alone without any additional control electronics due to the large internal I/O capacity, with up to 16 analog voltage, 6 digital and 8 x 5 Amp PWM/Peak & Hold Outputs.

Tested on numerous competition vehicles including Prototype Sportscars and Star Mazda Single Seaters, the system is a synergy of design and function, with many components produced in high quality carbon fibre materials, producing a strong yet, lightweight package that will perform reliably season after season.

 All of our kits come complete with everything you need to get up and running including GCU & software, paddles + switches, pneumatic actuators, compressor and even a gear position sensor, should you require one. We even include a days setup or testing at the track* with every purchase to ensure you are completely satisfied and that everything is setup correctly.

We don't claim to be the cheapest, but we do aim to be the best. No hidden fees or extras. Bulk discounts also available.

Detailed below are all of the major components that go to make up the complete gearshift control system.

All our systems are made to order and thus you should allow two weeks for delivery. We would be pleased to offer a no obligation quotation for any system via phone or email. Please contact us for details.

*Track support day is for labour support only. Any additional travel or accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Gearshift Control Unit (GCU)



Manufactured from carbon fibre composite with an integral alloy manifold, the pneumatic accumulator is available in two versions. A high capacity version with 1.6 litre capacity or a regular duty version with 1.2 litre capacity which is supplied as standard. This, coupled with the high capacity compressor, ensures a consistent supply of high pressure air is always available for reliable system operation. The system comes complete with all high pressure hose adaptors to make the installation process as seamless as possible. Hose installations are the responsibility of the customer.

Wiring Harness Schematic


Steering Wheel Paddles

The main control input to the system, and the only direct interface with the driver. The paddles are mounted to the rear of the steering wheel and are manufactured in a one piece carbon fibre design with integral switch providing tactile feedback to the driver. One switch performs upshift and the other downshift and they are also terminated to the supplied curly cable to allow easy removal of the steering wheel for maintenance or general on car servicing.

Through column installations are also available on request at an additional charge. 

Please note the steering wheel shown in the illustration is not supplied as part of the Gearshift Control System, but we are happy to provide a quotation on request.

Carbon Fibre Valve Block

Control Unit

Often referred to as the GCU or gearshift Control Unit, this is the electronic brains of the shift system. Containing all of the inputs and outputs that receive the system information and then control the various outputs to perform the shift operations. A high speed processor controls all of the functionality precisely and reliably, ensuring fast, safe shifts every time. Functionality is second to none, with all of the usual features available as standard. Semi or fully automatic shift, stacked downshifts (pre-select) over-rev protection, rpm matching and gear ratio learning. The unit also features integral on-board logging (8Mb capacity) which logs only shift activity, meaning you don't have to look through endless data to find the information you are looking for, enabling fast system setup and advanced diagnostic troubleshooting.


16 Analog Inputs

8 PWM/Peak & Hold outputs (5 Amp)

6 digital (speed/tacho) inputs

8Mb Logging Memory

CAN Templates for ECU communication

Carbon Fibre Housing

55 pin Mil Spec Connector


Wiring Harness

Every wiring harness is individually made to measure for each application. The schematic shown here is an example of a typical system layout for a high level system utilising many of the input/output capabilities of the GCU.

Manufactured from aircraft specification wire and utilising MIL spec AS connectors, everything about the harness says quality. Each harness is thoroughly tested before use ensuring your system works first time, every time.

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Valve Block

Housed in a bespoke carbon fibre enclosure, the valve block contains the 3 valves for upshift, down shift and throttle blipping if required for non DBW equipped vehicles. Together with pressure sensors and all of the electrical and pneumatic connections required to receive and transmit the various signals and control demands to the on-board actuators.